Thursday, November 10, 2011

Start Somewhere...Walk

Just talking about fitness and reduction of stress does not cut it.

Iowa has an initiative to improve the state’s health ranking from #19…and this is a good thing.

The “Start Somewhere Walk” kicked off statewide on Friday, October 7th with thousands walking at noon.

After enjoying a morning walk with my wife at Grays Lake, Des Moines (ranked one of the best places to walk, run or relax in the Midwest), I joined walkers at the Conference Center. A new-found friend staying at the Radisson, who wanted to be a part of the statewide kickoff, came along too. Our walk was brisk, pleasant and enjoyable.

I know many who will read this article are already avid walkers, runners and health enthusiasts. And yes, I am well aware that writing and repeatedly talking about self-care does not magically translate into change that is transformative.

However, I have only one song. It is a song of encouragement for all who believe life is a fight worth caring for.

I support the initiative that Governor Terry Branstad announced on August 10th. I am updating my fall/winter self-care plan. I encourage you to do the same.

No doubt there are other important contributors to a healthier life besides walking. One of the main blessings of the church is the opportunity to champion what builds community and connection. Walking along side others in a journey of life builds informed hope; and “informed hope” is a leading cause of life.

Choose Life!

Be encouraged,

Bishop Julius C. Trimble

Recommended reading: “Leading Causes of Life, Five Fundamentals to Change the Way You Live Your Life”, by Gary Gunderson with Larry Pray.

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