Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks for the FIT Challenge

A few days before Thanksgiving is a good time to make a New Year’s resolution. I am anticipating gathering with family and friends for Thanksgiving with all of the food and fellowship I have come to expect. No doubt the day after Thanksgiving the workout frenzy will begin again at my local Anytime Fitness gym.

I have reinstituted midday naps and non-religious reading to my self-care plan and invite you to a New Year’s challenge. I am setting a goal that begins Thanksgiving 2011, of losing 25 pounds before next Annual Conference, June 2, 2012. Writing down goals and making them public increases the success and invites others to help you keep your goal in sight. I plan to bring a financial gift and pledge to the “Imagine No Malaria” campaign.

Any clergy or laity interested in taking the weight loss challenge and writing your own self-care plan, please respond to this blog. I will be encouraging you to continue to care for yourself as you no doubt love and care for others.

If you have a goal of losing 10- 50 pounds over the course of the next year and are willing to go public with me at Annual Conference 201, here is your invitation. While the FIT Challenge is more than walking and weight loss, it is certainly rooted in encouraging, praying and choosing life.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

Bishop Julius C. Trimble


  1. I will go for losing 10 pounds by next June. I have recently started working out with a local Boot Camp Madness group. The leader of the group has even come to an event at our church and has offered to start a group for people from our congregation. He also said he would donate half of the membership fees from that group to the ministries of our church. So starting in January we will have a St. Paul's UMC Boot Camp Madness group in Williamsburg.

  2. Dear Bishop Trimble, thank you for your FIT challenge. It has been making a difference in our family-specifically through the Virgin Health Miles program. I am wondering whether you are aware of the Blue Zones work? Iowa has chosen 4 Blue Zones Project Cities. I am curious whether the FIT Challenge could benefit from the blueprint, and whether the Iowa UMC might want to pursue participation. Here is a link to a TED video presentation about the Blue Zones research and initiative. http://www.bluezones.com/about/dan-buettner/